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Advance Property Watch

Structureloop is a property and structure inspection platform combining all of the tools needed to help contractors and property owners document, take action and mitigate a property loss.

With the benefits of our connected services, no cost risk inspections, integrated weather data,  photo & document sharing supported by a managed nationwide network of insurance professionals we have you covered.

For an added layer of protection users can enable monitoring of their property for real time alerts when potentially damaging weather events occur. Structureloop has your back 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year!

The Structureloop Marketplace

Professional products, services, and packages to help make the make important decisions to protect the value of your property. 

Property Inspections

Schedule a no cost risk inspection on your residential or commercial property. Establish your Baseline. 

Scope Writing | Estimating

Need a professionally written Xactimate estimate package or a  project scope created? 

Weather Data Solutions

From weather history to weather event monitoring we can create a custom weather package for you! 

Property Risk Inspection

Step 1. Property Owner FREE Signup

Protecting the value of your property is important!

Are you are selling or buying a property? Do you own one or many properties? Take the first steps to understanding the true hidden costs that affect the value of a property.

 A home or building inspection will only tell you what's wrong, where as a no cost exterior Baseline Risk Inspection will tell what's wrong, what is the likely cause, and may provide a little to no cost solution to correct the problem. 

Step 2. Weather Intelligence

Why is Weather Important?
A two year weather history property report is automatically created and is available in the app property profile for quick access. Weather data is used to establish a fact pattern to compare against visual observations from an site inspection.

24 / 365 weather alert monitoring can now keep a vigilante eye on your property notifying you and your provider when an impactful event occurs.  ADVANCE preparation is the key!

Step 3. The Baseline Risk Inspection

What is a no cost Baseline Risk Inspection?

A professional service provider trained in property risk will review the exterior building conditions and document the findings creating a snapshot of the current conditions on your structure(s). They will review the weather intelligence and items discovered during the inspection to present options to the property owner to make decisions from. 

Step 4. Next Steps

Inspections plus data drive decisions!

If a potential  loss occurs or is discovered, your risk inspector will provide the next steps to protecting your properties value.

Commercial Clients will be assigned a dedicated support professional for an added level of attention. 

why we do it

I Have a Loss

Most property owners do not know who to turn to in the event of a weather related or catastrophic property loss resulting from storms or fire as examples.  

We believe in a proactive approach by developing lasting relationships with property owners in ADVANCE so you will know who you can count on when a loss occurs. As they say, Its not a matter of if but when! 

Value Protection

Asset protection is key and documentation before a loss is critical to proving value. Property owners receive a No Cost ADVANCE baseline inspection and 2 yr. weather history report to create a historical property baseline. 

Professional Services

From Roofing, Fire, Flood, and Storm Mitigation the structureloop marketplace has solutions to help. Important value based services from national loss mitigation support professionals that can help with the heavy lifting.  

Commercial Property

If you own any type of commercial property such as multifamily, are an HOA or property association, we would like to speak with you. Our program specializes in delivering positive outcomes for property owners and groups.

The Cost of Weather

You see the news reports and hear about the storm warnings from weather events happening year after year.
So what are the effects are ongoing weather events having on your property?  What are the direct and indirect impacts to your property value?
Request a FREE Risk Inspection to develop a complete baseline picture and start protecting today!


Property Owner



Commercial & residential property owners sign up for free!

  • Single user license
  • 2 yr. Weather history tool
  • Weather filtering tools
  • Risk photo and file storage
  • Access professional Insurance services
  • No Cost risk inspections
  • Email Support 




Insurance service professionals.  Commercial property managers.

  • 1 license per team member (Annual Discount Available)
  • All "Property Owner" features
  • Receive Project Opportunities
  • Team Management
  • Priority access to commercial insurance support services
  • Access to weather monitoring (Additional costs may apply)
  • Email Support




Commercial property focused. Owners/Managers/Services Providers 

  • Multi office connected domain business units for large teams
  • All features available
  • Custom managed set up
  • Priority support
  • Priority access to commercial insurance support & training
  • Concierge service for commercial property owners
  • Contact us today!

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